1st Rate Pet Services Summer 2023 recap

1st Rate Pet Services Summer 2023 recap
It’s been one crazy, tumultuous challenging year for us here at 1st Rate Pet Services! I had a webpage as our home page on 1stRateLife.com for awhile with the updates since it was the best way to make sure people knew what was going on. This blog post is a compilation of main ideas from the March-June, 2023 saga for anyone who didn’t catch the live version!!!  Blessedly, things are calming down a bit now.


4 Simple Shifts to End Overwhelm & Create Optimism

4 Simple Shifts to End Overwhelm & Create Optimism
Are you looking to reduce stress and overwhelm in your life? There are simple shifts you can make to end chronic overwhelm and cultivate ongoing optimism. By staying grounded and noticing your general awareness, you can take control of how you think, feel, and act in response to the world around you. As I get older, I find that I am passionate about living in peace, wellness and simplicity. One way to do this is to be generous and giving of your time, talents, and treasure, while also setting boundaries to take care of your own well-being. Approaching life with curiosity and a child-like sense of wonder can help you find joy and meaning in everyday experiences, and living in a constant state of gratitude can enhance your quality of life in all aspects. If you would like support on your journey to end overwhelm and add optimism, please get in touch with me. Let's work together to build a life of intention and positivity.

How the DreamBuilderĀ® Program Can Help You Live Your Best Life

How the DreamBuilderĀ® Program Can Help You Live Your Best Life
What is something you would LOVE to be, do, or have, but don’t actually believe it could happen?   
In other words, what is the first thing that comes to mind when asked:  “What would you absolutely LOVE, if you could be, do or have ANYTHING?” 

What is a 1st Rate Life all about?

What is a 1st Rate Life all about?

What IS a 1st Rate Life all about?

Life is short, and living it in a 1st Rate way should be what ALL of us are doing on a daily basis.  Sadly, many...probably MOST...of the humans on the planet are not. 

The normal way of living for the masses is filled with struggle, worry and settling for what seems to be the best option. Most people don't even seem to realize there is an option to break free of the mediocre and lean in to the marvelous. Many people think working until retirement, THEN doing what they desire is the dream and spend the most vibrant years of life in perpetual "waiting to get old enough to retire" mode. If they are lucky, they make it and have a few years of bliss before succumbing to old age, sickness or even death. 

What if there is a better way? Why not start "really living" right this moment? Why not start creating your ideal 1st rate life right now!

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of "first-rate" is "of the first order of size, importance, or quality."    

So, living a 1st Rate Life simply means living the highest quality of life possible. Since every person is different, a 1st Rate Life is going to look different for every single person. 

If I were to ask you right now, "Do you LOVE your life?" what is the first response that pops into your mind? 

  • Do you snort sarcastically because you don't love it but feel like it is your destiny and you have no other option?
  • Do you wince and think of all the things you DO NOT LOVE about your life, but can't really come up with much that you DO love? 
  • Do you think of some things you love, but some things that really could be better? 
  • Do you get a huge warm fuzzy feeling and think 'YES, I LOVE MY LIFE!' ?  (if so, YAY you!!!)
Maybe you're relationship with your life is somewhere in the middle. That is perfectly ok, but know this...

If you would like to uplevel to being able to say
"I LOVE MY LIFE," you absolutely have the power to do it. I did it and you can too! 
In 2011, I walked away from a perfectly good career because I couldn't stand the idea of going to that cubicle five days a week, 52 weeks a year for the next 20 plus years until I could retire.
I made decent money, had GREAT benefits, and was on a smooth ride to retirement, but when I pictured what the next number of years between where I was and where I could retire looked like, I felt my soul deflate a little every time the thought came up.

So I resigned. The story of how that happened is for another day, but it was a terrifying moment and I wondered if I'd gone insane as I walked across the office with my resignation letter in hand to give to my supervisor.  Then, as soon as I handed it to her, and the deed was done, I felt lighter and had a sparkle of hope where before there had been only frustration and longing.  I was still terrified and thought I'd lost my mind, but suddenly my slate was completely wiped clean and I had a new story to write, and that felt amazing!

The first step in creating my 1st Rate Life was making a decision to choose the unknown over the safe and same.  I chose fear over meaningless routine.  I chose to hop out of the box of what was considered normal and expected.

It was the BEST decision I have ever made, my life is SO MUCH BETTER now. Every day I am creating the first rate life I desire and am worthy of.  I now live in the flow of fun, curiosity, adventure and love every single day. Do I still have challenges and bad days? Absolutely. But now I have a much healthier, easier way of dealing with them and getting back into the flow of feeling good quicker than I ever used to.  

Do you have a vision for your own First Rate Life? Do you have a plan to get there?

Do you find yourself frustrated with your current life but not sure what you would even want to change to make it better?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, I can help! Sign up for a complementary dream clarity session with me today here !