You only have one life, how do you want it to go?  
Start living a 1st Rate Life
 11 Ways to Improve Your Life
Energy goes where attention flows, and results follow. If you want a 1st Rate Life, you have to focus on what you LOVE so the flow goes where you want it and the results are what you want! I created a guide to get you started thinking with positive energy in mind. 
About Julie 

Hello, I'm Julie. Since 2012 I have been creating a life I love by design and I want to help you do the same.

 I made this website to help you create your own 1st Rate Life, which is simply a life you absolutely love living. Working with animals was always my dream job. If you had asked me at any time of my life "What would you do if you could do anything, money is not an object?" I would have answered "do something with animals." Well, in 2011 I resigned from a soul-sucking job I had THOUGHT I would retire from with a plan to become a nurse, but the universe had other plans. In May 2012 I ended up starting my own pet sitting business, 1st Rate Pet Services, with my life partner and for the first few years, I felt like my life really was a dream! As I got more comfortable in my new dream life, I wanted to help other people realize their own dreams, so in 2017 I got certified as a transformational life coach and have been on a journey of personal growth and exploration ever since. I love nature and being outside, so in 2020 when we were stuck at home in the lockdowns, my partner and I started turning our 1.5 acre yard into a food forest. Someday we hope to be able to take a walk through our yard and graze on all of our edible plants as we enjoy the fresh air. There is a peaceful satisfaction working with plants and the seasons and watching things grow. In my free time I love to shop at thrift stores, read, journal, do artsy/crafty things and take naps! It is amazing to spend every day doing things I love doing. If you have questions about where to even begin to design a life you absolutely love, feel free to send me an email! 
What is a 1st Rate Life all about? 

I believe life is about finding, focusing on and following your true path, in your way, with playful, positive purpose. A 1st Rate Life is a life well-lived, in which you get to spend your time doing what you love and living in flow. It is being a good neighbor and sharing your authentic gifts and talents with others for the greatest good of all. It is living in harmony with nature and the cycles of the planet, and being a good steward of the earth, and being kind to all living things. It is peaceful, flowing and joy-filled. It is living every moment in a 1st rate way. We all have the ability to create our own 1st Rate Life. 

Living 1st Rate creates a positive ripple effect out into the world. The more people who can do this = the more peace, flow and joy we have on the planet. 
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 I created a workbook/coloring book to help you dream up and design your ideal life.
I am also an author in a compilation of stories written by life coaches.
(My pen name in this book is Gillian Swafford.)

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