Fall back in love with your body with TranscenDance™

TranscenDance™ is based in authentic movement as a transformational and healing art. It’s a powerful blend of; relaxing stretching, deep-breathing, fun free-form movement and conscious dance, positive-creative visualization, energy healing, embodiment coaching, and life empowerment. 

Through this movement modality you can begin to heal old wounds, awaken the power of your body wisdom and experience more joy. It is so much fun to give yourself permission to just dance the way YOUR body wants to dance!  This type of movement unlocks a powerful wave of life force energy that positively impacts everything you do and everyone around you in amazing ways! 

TranscenDance™ can be modified for ALL fitness levels, even those who have limited movement ability and/or need to stay in bed or wheelchair. The mind/body visualizations are powerful and healing for all. 
Just a few of many benefits of TranscenDance™
Improve Mobility and Flexibility
Elevate Energy
Strengthen Self-Confidence
Increase Self-Love
Connect with Higher Self
Reconnect with the Joy of Movement
Reclaim a Child-like Playfulness
Move out of your Head and into Heart
Balance Left and Right Brain
Get in "The Zone"
Improve your Mood and Sense of Joy
Increase Heart Health and Physical Wellness