Pet Services and Prices
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Value Visit - $16
5-15 minutes
Our shortest visit option.  

This is plenty of time to take care of cats.
The time allows for litter scooping, filling food/water and a little bit of love and cuddles if the kitty is in the mood!

This is also a good visit option for a quick potty break and feeding for dogs who don't need a lot of exercise and interaction.  

Many of our dog customers who need multiple visits use the value visits for non-feeding times as a quick potty and interaction.

This visit allows enough time for other pets that don't need a lot of interaction, such as chickens, caged birds or small mammals, reptiles and fish.
Regular Visit - $20
20-30 minute visit
This is our most popular visit

This is the ideal length of time for multiple pet households that have a simple feeding routine and allows for some time to interact with the pets as well.

It is also great for more active dogs who need more yard time or a longer walk to burn off some energy, and for not active dogs who just want a lot of cuddle and interaction time.

Some of our customers have cats who need insulin but need to eat first before the shot. This extra time allows us to "coerce" kitty to eat if necessary and still be able to give the shot without going past the allotted time.



Extended Visit - $25
35-45 minute visit
A good choice when a little more time is needed

This is a longer visit for special feeding routines and special needs pets who need extra time and attention.

It is also great for multiple pet households where some pets live inside and some outside (chickens, outside dogs or barn cats, for example)

This time is also typically a good fit for dogs that have to be let out seperately for potty breaks. 
Hourly Visit- $30
50-60 minute visit
The "hang out" visit.

This is a great visit for puppies and elderly dogs who need to be fed and potty during the same visit.

It is good for multiple pet households that have a complex feeding routine and several different pets to take care of who are separated. It allows for the care plus some time to interact with the pets as well.

It is also great for really active dogs who need yard time and a walk walk to burn off some energy, but also like to "chill" in between exercising.  

Pet Taxi Service - Prices below   
We love to chauffeur your pets around town
When you aren't able to take your dog to the vet, groomer or boarding facility, we can do it for you. 

One way: $15.00
 Minimum Charge $15 .00 (No gas fee charge, within 20 mile radius)  
Additional travel fee if over 20 miles = $1.00 per mile

Round Trip: $30.00 plus time waiting
 Minimum Charge $30.00 (No gas fee charge, within 20 mile radius)  
Additional travel charged if over 20 miles = $1.00 per mile
Wait time charged at $5.00 in 10 minute increments   •  Time begins and ends at drop off site   •  Round Trip must be continuous meaning driver will wait until your appointment is completed and complete the round trip service.

**** Additional surcharge fees may apply. (such as toll fees, parking fees, etc)


Dog Walking
This is specifically for walking, no feeding, etc...

15 minute walk - $16
20-30 minute walk - $20
Even if you have a fenced back yard, walking the dog is a great way for burning off excess energy, alleviating boredom and stimulating the brain.
If your dog has behavior problems or has too much energy for you, scheduling a walk every day or every other day is a great option.

**During the high summer dog walks are limited to early mornings or early evenings. The pavement is TOO HOT during the day for the doggy paws and dangerous burns could happen.

Other Pet Services Available
These customized services are limited and must be arranged by contacting us to assure availability
8-10 hour Overnight Visit
This service includes a value visit at no extra charge
which works out well for a midday or dinner time visit
as needed.

3-10 hour daytime visit
(first 1 hour at regular $30 per hour charge) 

Can be scheduled in addition to the overnights so
someone is there more time with the pets.

Can be scheduled as a stand alone service if more than 1
hours is needed. Contact us for longer term pricing. 

There may be times when the pet sitter will need to
leave the house for 1-2 hours at a time (to get meals,
do other pet visits, etc) which will be discussed at
time of booking services. 


Pet Waste Removal Service (poop scoop)

Let us help you take back your yard!!!

This service is done on specific days of the week and before service starts we have to come "check out" your yard to give an estimated price for one time waste removal.

After the initial removal, the service can be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly, and the options are discussed at the initial consultation.

If you have always just thought it's ok to leave the pup's poop in the yard, please do some research about the down-side of doing so. Aside from being a minefield of potential step in the poop and get it all over your shoes danger, it is harmful to the environment and can be dangerous to your family if the poop you stepped in gets carried into the home.