Ocala Food Forest
Permaculture and Florida Wilds
Located in Florida USDA Plant Zone 8b/9a

From soil to plate, every person can make a difference.

Our mission is to help people achieve food independence.
 Food is something we take for granted. 
It is so easy to hop in the car and run to the grocery store or restaurant and get whatever food we want. 

But what if it wasn't that easy? 

With all the crazy things going on in the world today, 
I believe we should all start becoming as food independent as possible. 
That is why in early 2020, my partner, Julie and I started a garden. 
As I was researching garden ideas, I came across this great concept called a food forest. 
And so the adventure began...

Plant Nursery
See what is growing in the Ocala Food Forest & what we have for sale.

Plants for Sale  See what we have to offer as far as what grows in this zone(8b & 9a) & keep checking out what we have for sale throughout the year that you can add to your yard, garden or food forest. 

Recipes  To help you figure out what to do with some of these food plants I am creating a recipe site with recipes that use the plants that you may not be familiar with & some that you know well. This site will have recipes, tips, & other helpful information to help you. The site is just starting and will be small at first. If you have recipes that use any of the plants that are on my list of plants growing in my food forest, you can ask to join and help grow the site.

Buy the book I created to keep a log of 58 plants. Unlike garden logbooks that you can find everywhere. This book is designed for permaculture.
About Me
Once I found out about food forests, I got very excited and decided to turn my entire yard into an edible landscape. The more I researched, the more I knew this was something everybody should start doing, because food independence is SO important. 

Remember Victory Gardens during WWII? This is the NEW Victory Garden where everybody, regardless of living situation, should strive to grow as much of their own food as possible. 
Not only will this create food independence, it will also play a big part in healing not only mind and body, but the entire planet.  

What do we mean by "Permaculture and Florida Wilds?" 
Sounded like a cool tagline, right? Anyway, Permaculture is the proper name for Food Forest, but Food Forest is easier to picture. Florida Wilds is our way of saying Florida Naturals or plants that have been established as Florida Natural plant life.

What is Permaculture (aka "Food Forest?") 
I’m not going to give you a history lesson on who developed this concept, that is up to the individual who wants to research this. Basically, Permaculture is the "marrying" of the usual agriculture that provides ongoing food crops with the idea of a self-sustaining "permanent" growing system (such as a forest) that needs little to no maintenance to thrive. It is a system of Permanent Agriculture aka Permaculture.

Incorporating Florida Native Plants (the "wilds.")
Purchase plants that thrive on neglect in this area of Florida. The plants that grow wild in Florida are not always what you expect. They are not all sparse and skinny. Some are ones that are very colorful and plants that you probably thought were only house plants. Grow them out in your yard to bring in good insects that will protect & pollinate your food plants.   

How this is the REAL "Green Deal" and how it heals the planet.
When you establish a Food Forest and incorporate the Florida Wilds, you start healing the Earth by cooling down the planet and letting life evolve the way it was meant to. When you have a functional system, it will take care of itself with very little input from you. It will evolve and flourish while providing vital nutrients your body is in need of. It will reward you with healthy food and medicinal plant life.
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