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- Wellness consultant
- Lifestyle coach
- Inspirational Speaker
- TranscenDance™ Facilitator
“Julie has a huge heart and truly wants to support YOU and your transformation. She will meet you where you are and support you in creating a life you love!” 

"You (Julie) are a wonderful listener....you have compassion and empathy for those around you. You are a go-getter and truly believed in your leap of faith, to alter your journey...you have made things happen by following your dreams and many of us are in awe of you Julie!!!"

"You (Julie) always have a great attitude and choose to find the positives in any situation. You are very patient and a great listener. You set your mind on something and see it through!" 

"You (Julie) always look at the good things. You don't have negative ideas or thoughts, only positive and encouraging ones.  You are so easy to talk to, listen to the smallest of details and do it all with a smile."


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Julie Spaur
Ocala, Florida USA