Fundraising Opportunity
Sharing Time, Talent and Treasure 

 Let's gather together and use mindful movement to create attention and abundance for worthy causes. 
As a certified TrancenDance™ Facilitator, it is my pleasure to share this movement modality as a fundraising opportunity for your cause. Imagine a gathering of like-minded individuals, coming together to share positive energy, intention, vision and money to create abundance for greater good. 
Available live and via ZOOM!!!!

What is TranscenDance™?
My Mission 

Imagine a world where people...all people...are able to spend their time doing things they love and create an abundant life while doing so. How much happier would the general mood of the world be? I think it would be a much happier, more peaceful and generally joyful planet to live on. 

It is my mission to share the message that living a life doing things you love IS possible to everyone I meet. There is already a movement towards self-sustainability, local sourcing and bartering that is growing in places. People are realizing that the highly technical, consumer driven lifestyle just isn't that satisfying. If someone is given the opportunity to use natural talents and abilities to create abundance for him/herself and someone else, it is a win-win for everyone involved.

I believe that once a person starts being able to do things that align with his or her gifts, talents and interests, without the stress of wondering "how am I going to pay the bills" every day, the level of stress and cruelty will decrease considerably. The general sense of cooperation and compassion will take over and everybody will realize that working together is the best way forward for all of us.  

I would like to share my time, talent and treasure to promote this idea by offering a movement modality, TranscenDance™, as a fundraising opportunity for causes that align with this message.  So please reach out to me if you have a cause that needs funds, and perhaps we can work together to create positive energy and a flow of abundance towards it. 

Invest in personal growth and help support the causes you are passionate about 

Reach out to me to find out more about using TranscenDance™ as a fundraising opportunity for your cause. 

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