Do You LOVE Your Life? 

The amazing life you were born to live is waiting for you…are you ready to say YES to it?

Life is too short to wait. You deserve to live a dream life that is full of joy and satisfaction every single day and I want to help you start right away! I have an amazing 12-week coaching program called DreamBuilder® that will change your life. 

 I am certified as a transformational life coach through the Brave Thinking Institute. Along with my coaching training, I went through the exact DreamBuilder® program I will be guiding you through. It was a life changing training, and I use the knowledge I gained in the 12-week program every day to create amazing results in my own life.

Watch the video below from my mentor and the program creator, Mary Morrissey, to see how DreamBuilder® can help you!  

Doesn't this sound great?  
Let me tell you, it has been amazing for me...I absolutely LOVE my life! 

I use the teachings every day to get clear on what I really desire and most importantly, I have the confidence knowing there is a proven, powerful system I can use any time to help me get there! In honor of your own amazing life, 
I would love to offer you a complimentary 60 minute Dream Clarity Consultation.  
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You already have the power within you to create a life you absolutely LOVE living. Once you harness a predictable, proven formula for creating results, the sky is the limit for what you can be, do and have. 

When I was in my early 40's, I thought I had to wait until retirement to start enjoying my life, but I had over 20 years to go. The thought of being miserable for that long was not acceptable, so I started searching for another way. 
That was over a decade ago, and I am happy to report I have been living an amazing life doing what I LOVE since then. I'm not waiting for anything anymore, I'm loving my life now, and I want to help you do the same. 
Your dream is waiting for you, and life is short. Say "YES" to that dream and sign up today for a complementary Dream Clarity Session, which is the first step in the DreamBuilder®

The DreamBuilder® Program

This proven, repeatable system will help you transform your life by helping you discover what your dream is and instilling in you the confidence to go forth and make that dream a reality.

At the completion of the 90 day program you will have gained knowledge and clarity that will stay with you always, allowing you to repeatedly create amazing results in your life. You will have learned to live by design instead of default, and to respond in positive, high-energy fashion to anything life brings your way.

Not sure yet? Let me tell you how I transformed my own life

I was raised in a small midwestern town by a loving, supportive family of hard working people with the belief that you get a job and keep that job until a better one comes along, and so on and so on. Life was lived around your job, because having a full time job with a regular paycheck was the only way to make a living. 

With that in mind, I went to college so I could at least have an office-y type job and use my brain instead of working in a factory. The 40-hour a week job lifestyle was great, until it wasn't. Having a stable job with benefits was a blessing as I raised my son, first with his dad and then as a single mom. As my son got older and more independent, I craved having a more creative, adventurous life. 

My new adventure started when I met an amazing guy who had an entrepreneurial spirit. Being introduced to the idea of making a living doing something OTHER than what I had always done opened up more possibilities than I ever realized. I still assumed I'd be at my job until I retired, but as I started exploring ways to have more life satisfaction, it became clear I needed to make a career change. 

I started taking part-time pre-requisite classes towards a nursing career. My intention was to stay at my current job until I was able to start the actual nursing classes, but once I took that one action to eventually leave, a snowball effect started happening. Within 6 months I'd resigned and within a year my partner and I had moved 1400 miles away to a new state and were starting a whole new life. 

Since then, I have been living the creative, adventurous life I had only dreamed of. It wasn't always easy, there was a lot of worry, fear, doubt and confusion. I kept going forward though, because I was determined to never be trapped in a soul-sucking, time-consuming, meaningless job ever again. 

My life transformation worked out just fine, but there were some tumultuous years and a lot of pain as it was happening. It would have been SO MUCH LESS STRESSFUL if I had known then what I know now...

That there is a proven, repeatable formula for creating amazing results that is actually a fun process! The DreamBuilder® program teaches exactly how to create results in an easy, enjoyable way. 

Once I found out about this completely different way of thinking and being, the worry and fear, doubt and confusion about being able to sustain the life I love dissolved. I now have confidence and belief that I can achieve anything I desire. 

I am also SO grateful I became certified as a DreamBuilder® coach so I can help other people learn to do the same. If you have any questions about the program, click the link "Learn More" below and sign up for a complimentary 60 minute Dream Clarity Session with me so we can discuss your dream and how I can help you make it a reality. 

As I continue to learn more about the formula and system of creating amazing result, I realize it is a life-long, joy-filled adventure. Life is always about the journey, not the destination, and once I figured that out, it changed the way I look at everything!

The DreamBuilder® Program, created by Mary Morrissey, teaches a powerful, proven, repeatable system of transformation. Thousands of people from all over the world have applied the DreamBuilder Program to their own lives, transforming them in ways they never imagined possible. Many have experienced extraordinary results, such as:

  • Achieving long-held dreams in an adventurous, easy manner. Some examples of dreams becoming reality include: writing the book, running the race, traveling to that always dreamed of place, creating the dream job, starting or selling that business, and so many more.
  • Increased financial abundance that allows the ability to do what they want to do when they desire, have the things and experiences they want and, most importantly, give generously to people and causes they truly want to support.
  • Greater satisfaction in vocation and creative calling which increases feeling of purpose and meaning, and allows for fulfillment and FUN at work, in business and in LIFE.
  • Increased time freedom allowing for feeling more empowered to say “YES” to family events, weekends away, dream adventures and being available to family, loved ones and helping the community. 
  • Closer, more loving relationships with self and others. People have found the love of their lives,   elevated current relationships to a higher frequency and connected with new, like-minded individuals, resulting in deeper,  more supportive partnerships filled with increased fun and connection. 
  • A massive increase in energy and vitality allowing for better decision making, more confidence and a general sense of being more empowered to support their health and well-being which allows them to do more of what they truly love doing!
Imagine what it can do for you!!!

Does this sound intriguing, but there is still SOMETHING holding you back?  

If so, that is your paradigm speaking. There is a really powerful part of you that wants to stay safe and will do ANYTHING to keep you from doing new, "scary" things. 

Good news...the DreamBuilder® Program can help you recognize paradigms and rise above them with grace and ease. Once you say "yes" to something scary the first time, it gets easier to do it again...and again...

If the thought of your life staying pretty much the same does NOT sound ok, then I encourage you to sign up for the Dream Clarity Session. There is absolutely NO obligation, and if the program isn't for you, the session will still provide value as I will help you clarify some of your thoughts and dreams. 

It is complementary and can give you a taste of the way the DreamBuilder® program can teach you to think and act. It can also give you clarity on options you can take to start moving forward to that life you really want to be living.