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We offer services to help pets, people and the planet.

We believe that life is about finding, focusing on and following your true path, in your way, with playful, positive purpose. A 1st Rate Life is a life well-lived, in which you get to spend your time doing what you love and living in flow. It is being a good neighbor and sharing your authentic gifts and talents with others for the greatest good of all. It is living in harmony with nature and the cycles of the planet, and being a good steward of the earth, and being kind to all living things. It is peaceful, flowing and joy-filled. It is living every moment in a 1st rate way. We all have the ability to create our own 1st Rate Life. 

Living 1st Rate creates a positive ripple effect out into the world. The more people who can do this = the more peace, flow and joy we have on the planet. 
Hello! I'm Julie, and I'm creating my very best 
"1st Rate Life" with my life partner Donald! I spend my days taking care of animals and helping people create lives they LOVE living. 
Working with animals was always my dream job, and I am blessed to be making a living doing what I love to do. As a life coach, I help people create a life that brings them joy and satisfaction every day. 
In my down time I can be found enjoying nature, reading, writing, creating and learning, taking naps and working in our yard as we turn it into a food forest. 
I love my life and it is my mission to help as many people as I can begin living 1st Rate lives they love also, so if you want more information, contact me! 

My partner Donald has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. He's had over 40 jobs working for someone else and often had his own business on the side. He used to have a photography business and also sold swords and medieval weapons at Renaissance Faires. We actually met at a Renaissance shop he owned. There's a whole story there I'll write about sometime.
Now he's also creating his very best 1st Rate Life. He does pet visits and does our invoicing and payroll for the pet business. He also has an Etsy shop selling 3-d printed figures for tabletop gaming, and is writing a fantasy fiction book about a girl and a dragon. 
In down time, he can be found turning our yard into a food forest. When not doing that, he might be playing online games, watching movies or a series on tv, and often researching permaculture, native Florida plants and edible trees, bushes, vines and plants that grow well in our growing zone, which is right on the line of 8B/9A.

Services offered
 Our services may seem eclectic, and that is perfectly ok. We are blessed to be able to do things we love every day while helping others. We started out as only offering pet sitting in 2012 and our business has grown and developed since then as we have grown and changed.  
Healing Movement
In person local or via Zoom
Grow an edible yard
In person local
How to live a 1st Rate Life:

Decide you want to live each day with playful, positive purpose.
Choose to focus on doing things you Absolutely Love Doing.
Be open to new ideas and always be ready for an adventure.
One of the first things you MUST do if you want to create more positive results in life is to think, speak and act in a new, more empowered way. I created a one page guide to show you how! Start living like you mean it TODAY by learning to speak "The Language of Success"!

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Julie created a workbook/coloring book
 to help you create your own ideal "1st Rate" life.
Don created a plant log book to help you 
create a food forest in your own yard.
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Life Coaching
Healing Movement
Public Speaking
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Create a Healthy, Wealthy and Happy Lifestyle with essential oils
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