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Welcome to 1st Rate Life
We offer services to help pets, people and the planet.

We believe that life is about finding, focusing on and following your true path, in your way, with playful, positive purpose. A 1st Rate Life is a life well-lived, in which you get to spend your time doing what you love and living in flow. It is being a good neighbor and sharing your authentic gifts and talents with others for the greatest good of all. It is living in harmony with nature and the cycles of the planet, and being a good steward of the earth, and being kind to all living things. It is peaceful, flowing and joy-filled. It is living every moment in a 1st rate way. We all have the ability to create our own 1st Rate Life. 

Living 1st Rate creates a positive ripple effect out into the world. The more people who can do this = the more peace, flow and joy we have on the planet. 
Services offered
 Our services may seem eclectic, and that is perfectly ok. We are blessed to be able to do things we love every day while helping others. We started out as only offering pet sitting in 2012 and our business has grown and developed since then as we have grown and changed.  
Pet sitting in your home  

Ocala Food Forest  

Life Coaching  

Hello! I'm Julie, half of the 1st Rate Life team. Working with animals was always my dream job; if you had asked me at any time in my life "What would you love to do if money was no object?" I would have answered "Work with animals." Well, here I am...SO blessed to be making a living as a pet sitter, doing what I love to do. I am also a certified DreamBuilderĀ® life coach and I help people create a life that brings them joy and satisfaction every day with my 12-week online program. In my down time I can be found treasure hunting at thrift stores or at home reading, writing, doing arts and crafts and taking naps. I also love working in our yard as we turn it into a food forest. There is such a peaceful satisfaction in working with plants and being in nature, and watching things grow!  

Donald has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. He's had over 40 jobs working for someone else and often had his own business on the side. He used to have a photography business and he sold swords and medieval weapons at Renaissance Faires. We actually met at a Renaissance shop he owned. There's a whole story there I'll write about sometime.  Aside from our pet sitting business, he also has an Etsy shop selling 3-d printed figures for tabletop gaming, and is writing a fantasy fiction book about a girl and a dragon. 
In down time, he can be found turning our yard into a food forest. When not doing that, he might be playing online Dungeons and Dragons, watching tv, or researching permaculture, native Florida plants and edible trees, bushes, vines and plants that grow well in our growing zone, which is right on the line of 8B/9A.

Start living a 1st Rate Life

 11 Ways to Improve Your Life
Life is short, and energy goes where attention flows, and results follow. So to love your life, you have to focus on what you LOVE! I created a guide to get you started. 
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Julie created a workbook/coloring book
 to help you create your own ideal "1st Rate" life.
Don created a plant log book to help you 
create a food forest in your own yard.
Check out Don's book

Julie is an author in this compilation of 
inspiring stories written by certified life coaches. 
Her pen name in this book is Gillian Swafford. 

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11 Ways to Improve Your Life


You can begin to change your life immediately if you choose to. I've written a guide to get you started called
11 Ways to Improve Your Life 

I don't ever sell your information.  It's safe with me. 
And I have more cool stuff for later if you are interested!