Progress update - Greenhouse
Written by Don Richardson

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Progress Update:

We found an inexpensive greenhouse on Amazon for $320.00 and it even has a built-in overhead sprinkler system. It is the Amerlife Walk-in Tunnel Greenhouse.

We contacted Turner Dowling of No Stress Endeavors and he drove over with a huge trailer of sand for our foundation. Sorry, I did not take any pictures but I was very impressed that he was able to back in and maneuver his truck and extra long trailer in without hitting anything in the small space available. Videos are available on our YouTube channel . We expected a dump truck, not a trailer. I am definitely recommending if you need bulk landscape materials delivered in the Ocala/Williston area. 
Call Turner @ (305)900-8226.

This is how it looked before we had the sand delivered and leveled out to place our fabric and greenhouse.

We also had to hire Lucas Excavation and Clearing because there was no way I was going to be able to get this sand nice and flat and level with a shovel and rake. If you need any sort of land clearing in the Ocala area, , I highly recommend Lucas @ (352)208-7098  

Once the sand was flattened, we put the plastic tarp down. Due to the heat and humidity, and us both being busy pet sitting, it was a multi-day job. The greenhouse was extremely easy to put together once the parts were separated and laid out. I would say that not counting for the many breaks that were needed because it was so hot and humid out, with a little help from Julie, it took 2-3 hours to finish it. Now that the greenhouse and surrounding 25'x40' area is finished, it is time to run the water line to the back of the greenhouse and hook it up.  We are now ready to set it up for propagating, potting and growing plants. Also, I will put in some shelves and a couple of barrels full of water to help regulate the temperature and Voilà, good to go and on to the next project.


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